Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Your Own Plug-In Display

This is really simple and if you shop right very inexpensive as well. Here is your shopping list:
  1. Frame
  2. Electrical box
  3. Outlet
  4. Outlet Plate
  5. 6ft extension cord
  6. Flyer (which you can download on left)
First take your frame apart and cut a hole in the back of the board just large enough for the outlet box. I first traced the outlet the used a box cutter to cut the hole.

With wire cutters, cut off the end of the extension cord that has the 3 plugs.

Cut the two wires apart, about 2" down. (Do not damage the cord)

Splice the ends and expose the copper wire

Draw cord through electrical box

Connect wire to outlet. Ribbed wire to the silver screw, plain wire to the gold screw.

Set aside

Put paper and flyer in place, cutting hole for outlet.

Pop the plug through back of frame

Attach electrical box

Put faceplate on

Decorate frame if you wish

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